Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Ticket FAQs

As we strive to create a Magic Springdom that delights, inspires, and connects with our visitors, we have created experiences and ticketing options that have never existed to Skagit Valley Tulip Festival visitors.

We are thrilled with the response we’ve gotten already and those interactions have supplied some great FAQs. So here’s what you need to know about getting tickets to Tulip Valley Farms for tulip festival April 1-30.


Activities at Two Tulip Valley Farms Locations

As you purchase your tickets online, be sure to notice which location/category you are buying tickets to. Tulip Valley Farm (no “s”) is the 30 acre farm on Bradshaw Road in west Mount Vernon. There, we have planted 12 acres of tulips amongst an orchard of hazelnut trees, as well as created some more “traditional” open tulip fields. Tulip Valley Farm has 5 acres of parking and is host to:

  • Food Trucks 
  • Mother Nature’s Throne
  • Tea Time in the Tulips. A complete description of Tea Time is on our ticketing page; it is offered on the hour, every day except Mondays, but must be pre-purchased at least 48 hours in advance. We are excited to be partnering with local tea experts at My Cup of Tea!
  • U-Pick where we show you the best way to cut your very own bouqet of 10 stems. Offered 9am-12pm only; U-pick + entry combo tickets can be purchased online.
  • Night Bloom (8-10pm, Thursday-Saturday)
  • Mindful Walk and Photo Class with Melissa Anne on April 9 and 23
  • Beautiful photo opportunities

The Tulip Valley Gardens location on Pulver Road in Burlington is just a couple minutes from I-5 and Highway 20, so if you’re worried about traffic, this is the spot for you! This venue is much smaller and hosts most of our special experiences that require reservations. Because of these factors, walk-up tickets will not be sold at the gate. Entry is included in the cost of each experience, so there is no need to purchase an entry ticket for people participating in the experience. On our website you can pre-purchase General Admission tickets to Tulip Valley Gardens and to the following experiences:

  • U-Pick where we show you the best way to cut your very own bouqet of 10 stems. Offered 9am-12pm only.
  • Yoga & Meditation in the Tulips with Melissa Anne, April 7-9 and 22-23
  • Painting Class with local artist and art teacher Chloe Lively, April 15 and 22
  • Magical Boutique Glow-up where your princess can get a magical hair and makeup makeover (crown and wings not included, but we encourage you to bring your own!). Combined with the Mini Photoshoot (below) and you’ll have captured truly magical spring moments.
  • Professional Photoshoot Mini Sessions with our photographer. We know many of you travel long distances and would like professional photos taken in the tulip fields, so we’ve made that easier for you by offering mini sessions every Friday and Saturday starting April 7! The session will be 20-30 minutes and will include 10 digital prints.

General Admission Information

Yes, you CAN purchase tickets at the gate at Tulip Valley Farm (not at Tulip Valley Gardens). However, purchasing them ahead of time online (even in the car on the way up!) will save you money ($2-$3 per ticket) and time waiting in line at the gate. In the event that a specific time slot is sold out, already having your ticket will guarantee you entry. Additional information:

  • General admission hours are 9am-6pm.
  • A simple entry ticket to Tulip Valley Garden is $12 every day.
  • A weekend ticket to Tulip Valley Farm is $15 and $13 Monday-Thursday.
  • Children 5 and younger do not need tickets for general admission to either location.

We’ve added these general admission options to Tulip Valley Farm ONLY:

  • Weekday Family Ticket that is good for up to 6 people (2 adults max), Monday-Thursday. Cost is $40.
  • Weekend Flex Pass that allows visitors to entrance one time, at any time they choose (no designated time slot) over the weekend. This guarantees one entry over the Friday-Sunday you choose. It is a great option for travelers who want flexibility in their weekend plans. Cost is $24.

We offer tickets online by the hour in an effort to better distribute crowds and traffic, but the times are not rigid. There is no need to call or email us if you are going to miss the timeslot you selected for general admission. The ticket will be honored for the day you purchased it, but missing the slot you selected could lead to more traffic/fewer parking spots, so we ask that you do your best.


Special Passes

Tulip Valley Farms has something for everyone:

  • Photographer pass allows entry before/after general admission. Photographers can enjoy morning light and no crowds as early as 5:30am and as late as 7:45pm. The Photographer Pass is a great option for landscape/naturescape photographers. Only 20 will be sold each day to keep the presence of people to a minimum. Cost is $99 for the day (during which you can come and go as you please). For this reason, it is not the best option for “sittings” or portraits with clients. If you want to do that, photographers and their clients should simply purchase general admission tickets, do their best with the crowds, and be respectful of everyone trying to enjoy the tulips. As always, a tag of Tulip Valley Farms on any of your beautiful photos is appreciated!
  • Drone passes will allow up to 5 users to use their drones at a time. Proof of insurance for you/your drone and licensure will be required at the gate. If you don’t have both of those (or forget to bring them), you will not be allowed to fly your drone nor given a refund. Drones must stay over Tulip Valley property. Cost is $200.
  • A Pooch Pass will allow you to bring your fur-baby to Tulip Valley Farm (not to the Gardens) for $5. A limited number of passes will be allotted each hour to better control the experience for everyone. Dogs and their owners will also be asked to stay in the designated doggy area.

Ticket Bundles

We’ve tried to give visitors as many options as possible while still making the process simple, so we bundled some of the most popular ticket options:

  • The Bloom Bundle includes general admission to Tulip Valley Farm, U-pick to Tulip Valley Gardens, AND Night Bloom (at Tulip Valley Farm). Please note that visitors will have to leave Tulip Valley Farm between the end of general admission (6pm) and Night Bloom (8-10pm), so we can set up.
  • Tulip Valley Farm All Day Bundle gives visitors a Weekend Flex Pass to Tulip Valley Farm during the day AND a ticket to Night Bloom. Spend all day at Tulip Valley Farm!
  • Bloom Bundle Premier includes a Photographer Pass to Tulip Valley Farm, U-Pick ticket to Tulip Valley Garden, AND Night Bloom. This means you can get in as early as 5:30am, visit the Gardens for U-Pick (and any other experience you want to add on!), and then come back to the Farm to stay after closing through Night Bloom! This is a great option for Content Creators and/or people who want do and see it all!
  • Daytime Season Passes and All-Access Season Passes are also available!

Whew! We know this is a lot of information, but we hope it answers some of your questions. Detailed descriptions of each ticket option are also on the ticketing page for you to review before you purchase. As always, the Tulip Valley Team is here to answer questions, so don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]!

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    1. Great question! We are so absorbed in it, sometimes we forget the basics. In 2023, the Tulip Festival will be April 1-30, which is when our farms will be open.

  1. I ordered some Nathan’s Smile bulbs and checked that I could pick them up locally, but it did not say where to pick them up or when they would be available. Please let me know!

    1. Generally, the tulip festival is every year April 1-30. When exactly the tulips bloom is entirely up to Mother Nature, but usually mid-April is the safest best when making travel plans.

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